Power Quality monitoring solutions & consultancy services

Electrical power is our passion, we are ready to solve your problems!

Karybel was founded as spin off of Ghent university. Karybel has 15 years of expierence in performing analisis, monitoring and consultancy on electrical installations and offers a wide range of services and products  to support you in your business  to create a perfect power supply and  resolve electrical and Power Quality related issues.

Measurement is the key to knowledge which we achieve by means of short term measurements or permanent power quality monitoring solutions. Karybel is the European distributor of CTLab's Power Quality monitoring devices. Check our products and services to learn more on the possibilities we can offer you.

Reasons for permanent power quality monitoring

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Detection of problems in an early stage, before they escalate minimize the risk of downtime or damage to equipment. This means a reduction of unforseen expenses.

The possibility to review stored data , waveforms and events helps in the diagnostics of problems.Early detection allows you to interact before it is to late, it allows scheduled interventions in stead of emergency repairs.

Enhanced analytics

Permanent monitoring helps to analyse the situation over time, allows bill verification and allows to create a base line from which a baseline  to define succes is derived and from  which a deviation can be reported.

It can provide useful information on the electical installation, for plans to acquire aditional equipent and to save energy. It helps to uncover hidden costs.   

Accurate information

Power quality monitoring gives the management accurate information which is used as a base for evaluation of their KPI's or investment plans and which allows to set goals to the future. 

Application area's